HRCS Toolkits

Tool 1.2: HR Department Audit
Audit how well your HR department manages the paradoxes.
Tool 2.1: Dave Ulrich gives an overview of HRCS 2012
Learn more about HRCS 2012
Tool 2.2: Global HR Competencies: Mastering competitive value from the outside in
This book will discuss research and implications from each of our regional partners for eight global regions.
Tool 2.3: The State of the HR Profession
Originally prepared for publication in the Human Resource Management Journal, this article answers how the competencies of HR professionals affect perceived effectiveness of HR professionals and business performance.
Tool 2.4: Competencies for HR Professionals Working Outside-In
Prepared for publication in HR Executive, Competencies for HR Professionals Working Outside-In discusses three themes facing businesses today.
Tool 3.1: Strategic Positioner Video
Watch Dave Ulrich discuss the strategic positioner competency.
Tool 3.2: Business Literacy Test
Take the business literacy test.
Tool 3.3: Stakeholder Analysis Worksheet
Stakeholder Analysis Worksheet
Tool 4.1: Credible Activist Video
Learn more about Credible Activist from Dave Ulrich.
Tool 4.2: Audit Trust Levels
Audit trust levels exercise.
Tool 4.3: Create a Key Relationships Map
Create a key relationships map.
Tool 5.1: Capability Builder Video
Watch Dave Ulrich discuss Capability Builder.
Tool 5.2: Organizational Capabilities Audit
Audit your organization’s capabilities.
Tool 5.3: Organization Abundance Worksheet
Assess how abundant your organization is.
Tool 5.4: Building Culture from the Outside In
Published in Strategic HR Review, “Building Culture from the Outside In” discusses the outside-in approach versus the inside-out approach in building culture.
Tool 5.5: Capitalizing on Capabilities
Harvard Business Review Article, “Capitalizing on Capabilities” by Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood discusses making the most of organizational capabilities to improve your company’s market value.
Tool 6.1: Change Champion Video
Watch Dave Ulrich discussing Change Champion.
Tool 6.2: Pilot’s Checklist
Assess the progress of a change project you are leading with the Pilot’s Checklist tool.
Tool 6.3: Viruses Exercise
Conduct a team exercise around viruses with our worksheet.
Tool 6.4: Personal Leader Brand
Create your own personal leader brand with “Leading for Results”
Tool 6.5: Define Your Personal Leadership Brand
Norm Smallwood discusses Defining Your Personal Leadership Brand in Five Steps on the HBR Blog.
Tool 6.6: Consulting and Change Management
Published in Strategic HR Review, “Developing the skills of HR business partnership: consulting and change management” by Jon Younger, Aaron Younger, and Nate Thompson explores the importance and development of HR consulting and change management skills.
Tool 7.1: HR Innovator and Integrator Video
Learn more about HR innovator and integrator in this video by Dave Ulrich.
Tool 7.2: The Six “Bs” Overview
Learn more about the 6Bs with our worksheet.
Tool 7.3: Leadership Brand Audit
Audit your organization’s Leadership Brand.
Tool 7.4: Top Companies for Leaders
Learn more about how FORTUNE®’s Top Companies for Leaders Build Leadership Brand.
Tool 7.5: The 6 “Bs” Video
Watch Dave Ulrich discuss the 6 “Bs”
Tool 8.1: Technology Proponent Video
Learn more about Technology Proponent from Dave Ulrich.
Tool 8.2: HR and Technology Research Report
Read about additional research on HR and technology from our research report with Stryve.
Tool 8.3: HR Technology Audit
Take our HR Technology Audit focusing on automation, integration, and connection.
Tool 9.1: MENTOR Assessment Battery
Learn more about yourself by taking the MENTOR Assessment Battery.
Tool 9.2: HR Competency 360 Assessment
Assess your own HR competencies or the competencies of your team.
Tool 9.2: HR Competency Self Assessment
Try a part of our HR Competency 360. To take the whole test, click above for more information.
Tool 9.3: Personal Meaning Audit
Consider what gives you personal meaning and individual abundance at work.
Tool 9.4: HR Competency Development Priorities
Identify HR competency development priorities with our worksheet.
Tool 9.5: Growing Your HR Brand
Jon Younger and Christine Cleemann discuss HR professional development in this article, published in Strategic HR Review.
Tool 10.3: HR Business Plan
Create a HR Business Plan with this worksheet.
Tool 10.4: The Next Evolution of the HR Organization
Read this article by Dave Ulrich, Jon Younger and Wayne Brockbank.
Tool 11.1: HR Actions Audit
Audit the actions of your HR department.
Tool 11.2: Human Resources Learning Partnership
Build your HR high-potentials at our semi-annual HRLP program.
Tool 11.3: HR New Assignment
Read “I’m the New Head of HR, Now What?: The First 90 Days” article by Dave Ulrich, Norm Smallwood, and Jon Younger.