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HR Competencies for Success

Over the course of 25 years, the HR Competency Study has chronicled what it means to be an effective HR professional. It requires not just knowing the body of knowledge that defines the profession, but being able to apply that knowledge to business challenges.

Soundview Live presents “The Future of Human Resources” featuring Jon Younger

Watch a webinar by author, Jon Younger on the research findings of the latest round of the HR Competency Study as found in HR from the Outside In.

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New HR Competencies: Business Partnering from the Outside-In

Being an effective HR professional is not just knowing the body of knowledge that defines the profession but being able to apply that knowledge to business challenges. HR effectiveness matters more than ever because leaders of business and not-for-profit leaders have increasingly recognized the importance of individual abilities (talent), organization capabilities (culture), and leadership as key to the success of their organizations. Originally prepared for publication in HR Magazine UK.

The State of the HR Profession

Over the last 25 years, HR evolved to become a more global profession. New study data has enabled us to answer three questions about the state of the HR profession. What are the personal demographics of HR professionals? What are the competencies of HR professionals and how do they affect (1) the perceived effectiveness of HR professionals and (2) business performance? What characteristics of HR departments best predict business performance?

This article was originally prepared for publication in the Human Resource Management Journal.

HR Talent and the New HR Compentencies

In a world of increasing change, complexity, and competitiveness, there has never been a greater need to help HR professionals identify what it means to contribute more fully, effectively, and insightfully.

Article originally written for publication in Strategic HR Review.

The Future is Now: HR Competencies for High Performance

HR professionals should be the corporate thought leaders in framing the HR strategy through which the people and organization may be positioned to create competitive advantage.
Article originally written for publication in Employment Relationship today.

Competencies for HR Professionals Working Outside-In

Business contextual changes have required a new set of competencies for HR professionals. In this newly completed round of HR Competency study research, we have identified six domains of competencies that HR professionals must demonstrate to be personally effective and to impact business performance. These competencies are driven by three themes facing businesses today:
1. Outside-in: which means that HR must turn outside business trends and stakeholder expectations into internal actions.
2. Individual-collective: which means that HR targets both individual ability and organization capabilities.
3. Event-sustainability: which implies that HR is not about an isolated activity (a training, communication, staffing, or compensation program) but sustainable and integrated solutions.
This article was prepared for publication in HR Executive.

Change Insights and HR Implications

Ten succinct insights on change that shape how HR professionals become change champions.
Article originally written for publication in India NHRDN