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A must read for HR Leaders who want to broaden their capabilities as Strategic Thought Leaders and Business Partners as well as for HR Professional who wonder why they are not seen as Business Partners by their colleagues.

Rino Piazzolla –
Executive Vice President HR AXA Equitable

HR from the Outside In is a must read for all HR professionals. Grounded in research, case studies and their experience the authors provide insights and tools that HR Professionals everywhere can use to increase their effectiveness in driving business value and making a difference in organizational performance.

Carole Watkins, Chief Human Resources Officer, Cardinal Health, Inc

Once again, Dave Ulrich and his coauthors are not merely aware of the signs of the times but have also demonstrated their status as thought leaders in the HR arena. Unlike the bulk of theoretical HR literature that already exists, their book is a refreshing, crisp and to the point practical guide that would be of use to any HR professional!

Nicolas von Rosty,
Corporate Vice President Executive Development Siemens AG

Pragmatic and to the point. It is inspiring to read how Ulrich, Younger, and Brockbank continue to raise the bar for the HR function. ‘HR From the Outside In’ provides an inspirational framework, rethinking how the HR function have to deliver value in the eyes of our customers. More so, they do it with solid research, intellectual power, and rooted in a deep understanding of tomorrow’s business reality.

Karsten Breum
Vice President, Head of Human Resources

Dave and his colleagues produce impressive work. What I like about their latest approach is that they wrap their HR competency model with an all-encompassing focus on the business. Here, they use 360-degree survey data to demonstrate that HR cannot simply focus on its own efficiency and quality, but must also actively identify and develop competencies that contribute directly to the success of the business.

Jill Smart – Chief Human Resources Officer, Accenture

HR From the Outside In builds on solid and practical research which is the basis for the HR competencies that we at Pfizer have adopted for our global HR workforce.

Chuck Hill – CHRO, Pfizer

Talent has moved to the top of CEOs’ agendas as they become increasingly aware of the criticality of their firm’s human capital to organizational success. They look to the HR function to deliver that talent, but the question is do HR functions possess the functional talent to deliver on the CEO’s agenda? HR from the Outside provides a state of the art look at the HR talent necessary to drive business success as well as how functions can develop that talent.

Patrick M. Wright
William J. Conaty GE Professor of Strategic HR
School of ILR
Cornell University

The table stakes for HR are rising fast and it is time for HR to fully deliver on its promises. The need for HR support for business goals in a knowledge economy has never been greater. If HR cannot respond to the unique opportunities for impact, leaders will turn elsewhere. To have impact requires that HR professionals master new ways of thinking and acting. The research and insights reported in this book capture the skills required for HR professionals to fully contribute to business results. HR professionals need to step up now or be left in the dust forevermore. This work offers the most comprehensive roadmap for HR professionals to make a difference.

Matt Schuyler
Chief HR Officer
Hilton Worldwide

Having contributed 20 years as a Business Leader before starting as the Head of HR nine years ago, I have to admit that this book speaks out of my heart.
I moved from the Business into HR nine years ago and I have to compliment Dave and his team for the deep insights and the crucial relevance of the content.

Juergen Brokatzky-Geiger
Head of Human Resources
Novartis International AG

For more than 20 years, David Ulrich has set the direction for HR: evolving the community from an operational mindset to becoming a strategic business partner. This book, "HR From the Outside In", takes us in yet a new direction and caused a fundamental shift in my thinking that grounded me in the reality that my strategy and agenda, currently internally focused, could break new ground by incorporating the voices of our external customers in everything "we DO". The principles, concepts and competencies presented in the book take our practice to a new and even more strategic level; providing HR leaders with new insights to bring to business leaders and thereby enabling a company's competitive advantage and sustainable growth.

Jian (Gina) Qiao, SVP HR, Lenovo

Most professions have existed for centuries. However, pilots and HR professionals are 20th century professions. When I get on an airplane and see the pilot, I have a high level of confidence that he or she will fly the aircraft to my destination effectively and safely. Then, if I sit next to someone who claims to be a human resource management professional, how do I know how competent they are?
Defining HR "From the Outside In" is another major contributor to the authors’ 25 year systematic study of HR competencies as the HR profession continues to evolve. HR professionals need to study the findings of this research to ensure not only their own personal development but also how they can contribute to organizational success.

Mike Losey

You can’t argue with the data! HR From the Outside In is one of the most comprehensive studies ever completed on our function, and clearly defines the ‘new model’ for Human Resources. This book is a must read for every contemporary HR leader …a definitive and practical guide to learning the key competencies for success.

John Lynch –
Senior Vice President, HR, General Electric

This book explains the most important piece of the puzzle: how to determine what the right people need to know and do to run an HR function that truly enables business outcomes. In a time of economic volatility with increased focus on functional effectiveness, the authors have provided real insights into how HR should focus its attention to impact organisational performance.

Hugo Bague, Group Executive People & Organisation, Rio Tinto

The litmus test for any business book is: Does it shed new light, and does it provide a basis for action? HR From the Outside In does both, highlighting fundamental shifts in what effective HR is all about, and outlining practical ways in which both individuals and functions can move to meet these new opportunities. If you want to be relevant in our changing world, read this book and put it to work!

Jim Lawler
Chief Human Resource Officer,

RBL has been an invaluable partner to Applied HR during our transformation journey. From the very beginning. Dave and the team have consistently challenged our paradigms & tested our thinking, which has helped us to push the traditional boundaries of what we thought was possible. I have always valued the strategic thinking coupled with down-to-earth, practical advice.

HR from the Outside In illustrates that the journey is not over and guides the profession on how it can strengthen its contribution to delivering superior results by the business. I'm delighted to see the emphasis on driving continuous improvement as defined by the customer as this is what will help us achieve a quantum leap forward in how we deliver value to our customers, employees & investors.

Mary Humiston
SVP, Global Human Resources
Applied Materials

With HR From the Outside In, Dave Ulrich and colleagues have produced another touchstone contribution to the HR field and to organization management more broadly. Leaders within and beyond the HR field should read this book for a unique long-term perspective on where HR competencies have brought us, and where they must take us in the future.

John Boudreau
Professor at the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

'HR From the Outside In' is the best guide available for understanding what human resource executives should be doing and how to do it.

Peter Cappelli
George W. Taylor Professor of Management
Director, Center for Human Resources at The Wharton School
and Professor of Education

While much has been written about the HR profession, the work done by Dave Ulrich and his group by far has had the greatest impact. Consistent with Dave's previous books, "HR from the Outside In" provides the why, what and how to deliver value in a world that has changed dramatically over the past few years. The future of HR depends on how well this new information is put into practice. Thank you, Dave, for your tireless passion for the HR profession and for providing information that ensures HR professionals around the world have the tools they need to be effective business leaders.

Janet N. Parker, SPHR, GPHR, 
EVP, Corporate Human Resources, Regions Financial Corporation

HR From the Outside In” is a must read for any HR executive who hopes to add real value to their organization. The authors guide the reader to better understand how specific competencies drive individual effectiveness and have business impact. This research-based competency model is particularly compelling to me because it is not based solely on input for HR professionals, but is informed as well by the perspective of non-HR executives and stakeholders.

Sue Meisinger –
columnist on HR Leadership and former CEO of SHRM

Human Resource Competency Study is definitely one of the most authoritative research in human resource management. Led by HR gurus and supported by global data in six rounds of study, this book offers the latest insights and practical advices for human resource professionals around the world who aspire to upgrade their professionalism, impact, and contribution in their jobs.

Arthur Yeung
Philips Chair Professor of HRM at CEIBS and ex-CHO of Acer Group

I have always believed that successful Human Resources people are those who have a specialization in HR but are actually broader in their background experience, eg. have worked in other disciplines and other functional areas. That way they bring a broader knowledge base and experience to their HR work. The importance of this should not be underestimated. 

'HR From the Outside In' clearly explains how to manage with a business focus by looking at the HR function from a different perspective, ie. through the lens of external influences and other stakeholders. I therefore consider this book as a great resource for those HR practitioners looking to change their perspective, or looking for new ways to add commercial value to a business.

Conrad Venter
Global Head of Human Resources
Deutsche Bank

This book is yet another shift for HR professionals, from these authors.

It’s helpfulness is that it reframes the HR role through the lens of the customer, enabling an understanding of how HR can create enduring business value for all stakeholders.

The book moves our profession on, because it clearly articulate the roles and the competences required to add value both through individual effectiveness and business success.

It provokes us to recognize that we need to be effective at using business strategy as a key context through which we, as HR , come up with our actions and solutions.

You should read this book because it is a great reminder that we , as HR professionals, need to be effective operators in the marketplace as well as the workplace!

Aileen Richards
Vice President People and Organization, Mars, Incorporated.

Insightful and thought provoking. This book is a culmination of years of research behind the HR profession and new insights that challenge us to focus on "the business of the business" and to look from the "outside-in" to create real value for our company.

Marcia Mendes-d’Abreu – OTPP

HR From the Outside In provides an intriguing look at the next horizon for HR, and our role in providing insights, innovative practices and building capabilities that ensure and enhance business success. By being ‘plugged in’ to the external market, understanding stakeholder needs and macro-trends and creating aligned solutions through powerful partnerships, HR is in a unique position to both influence and drive the organizational change agenda. This book makes a compelling case for change, and provides a sound roadmap for raising the game in HR.

Judy A. Zagorski
Senior Vice President, Human Resources, BASF Corporation

Human Resource leaders today have a huge responsibility. They’re being asked to build talent, rethink outdated organizational practices, create fresh approaches to engage the changing workforce, and re-shape the capabilities of their own organizations – all in response to intensifying business demands. The “Outside In” approach to understanding the capabilities HR needs today is refreshing and pragmatic – a ‘must read’ for every HR professional.

Tammy Erickson
Workforce expert, author, and Founder of Tammy Erickson Associates

The definitive work on HR competencies, provides useful ideas and tools that can help HR professionals develop their career and make their organization effective.

Edward E. Lawler III,
author of Effective Human Resource Management: A Global Analysis

Once again Dave Ulrich and his associates have provided a thought-provoking, in-depth examination of the human resources profession. The research is unmatched and the conclusions are something that every HR professional must understand and make part of their modus operandi.
Well done.

Jac fitz-enz

HR functions will create real business value by taking an outside in approach. The book "HR From The Outside In" makes a compelling case. An indispensable code of practice.

Peter Goerke, Group HR Director,
Prudential Plc.

A comprehensive and practical “tool-kit” for any HR practitioner based on applied research which provides empirical data on the areas of focus to achieve business success. Solutions are not just based on looking at past trends, but on what the future of HR looks like and how to prepared for it and be ready to be best you can be.

Peck Kem LOW
Divisional Director, National Human Resources Division, Ministry of Manpower Singapore

Now that HR is in the C-Suite, it is imperative that HR teams perform as business executives to effectively use the seat at the table we fought so hard for. This book gives HR a new lens through which to view our important roles as we further evolve. After reading this book, you will be convinced that HR is the Business!

Libby Sartain Former CHRO and Board Member, ManpowerGroup and Peet’s Coffee and Tea

In an age when the role of the human resource function has become ever more central to business success, 'HR from the Outside In' is a crucial blueprint of what it takes to succeed. Based on the deep expertise, wisdom and knowledge of the authors, it describes the roles and competencies of the future proofed HR expert and what it takes to get there. Packed with research insights, tools and case studies, the book is a must have for every HR professional.

Lynda Gratton, Professor of Management Practice at London Business School

One single concept changed the entire HR world two decades ago: “HR business partner”. It was just a good and intelligent idea, but it soon became the beginning of a new era in people management.
Through consistent cycles of research, studies and practical application around the world, Dave Ulrich and his team have managed to produce and update the most comprehensive set of HR competencies ever.
The latest news is that becoming “HR Credible Activists” is vital but not enough to succeed. To learn why, we must go deep into this enticing, essential book.
With the new “Outside In” approach, Dave - as a modern times Copernicus - helps us turn the HR world inside out.

Horacio Quiros – President
World Federation of People Management Associations

HR From the Outside In is packed with facts and evidence – and prescriptive advice – for HR professionals contemplating their future role and impact: It is about being a business leader first, and an HR professional second – and being willing to change everything about a company except its values.

Randy MacDonald –
Senior Vice President, Human Resources, IBM Corporation

A compelling and break-through thought leadership perspective, that vividly catapults the human resources profession in the realities of business economics. Every business leader will benefit from the richness of this book. The authors have done an excellent job of challenging human resource professionals to become fluent in the language business.

Karen Carey
Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Atlantis

This book is spot on, easy to read and very practical. The core message is that HR is about creating business value. This is the only way to create a successful organization.

Dr. Christian Finckh – Chief Human Resources Officer, Allianz SE

HR from the Outside In’ is for the HR student to the seasoned HR Director, the business – it is comprehensive and makes a stimulating read.

Doug Baillie
Unilever CHRO – a seasoned business leader turned CHRO

Powerful, relevant and timely! Defines "new HR" for the emerging times in a pragmatic way.
What should we be seeking from HR ? What does HR need to be and do? What really will make the difference to the business and how?
Great questions to which solid research-based answers and global insights are the jewels that bedeck this necklace of wisdom.
This book is a must for leaders, organizations and HR folks who seek to create competitive advantage of a sustainable nature.

Satish Pradhan
Chief, Group Human Resources
Tata Sons Limited

A must read for HR Leaders who want to broaden their capabilities as Strategic Thought Leaders and Business Partners as well as for HR Professional who wonder why they are not seen as Business Partners by their colleagues.

Rino Piazzolla –
Executive Vice President HR AXA Equitable

HR from the Outside In is a must read for all HR professionals. Grounded in research, case studies and their experience the authors provide insights and tools that HR Professionals everywhere can use to increase their effectiveness in driving business value and making a difference in organizational performance.

Carole Watkins, Chief Human Resources Officer, Cardinal Health, Inc

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